Best Elopement Locations: According to a Las Vegas Wedding Planner

Jun 14, 2023

The choice is yours. Where will YOU choose to elope in Las Vegas? Check out these amazing elopement locations.

Did you know Las Vegas is the WEDDING CAPITOL of the world?? We can’t wait to show you our elopement location picks for this awesome city!! But first…

Are You Going the Elopement Route?

First of all, congrats for being pretty amazing and deciding that an intimate, custom-made wedding day for “just us” is your thing! Exchanging your vows in the middle of the desert? Go for it! Spending the morning lounging by the hotel pool and saying your vows at sunset. That’s what dreams are made of.

There can be various reasons for an elopement. People may find that it is too difficult to proceed with a large and crowded wedding. Read our “Elopements” page and these other reasons why elopements are becoming incredibly popular:


COST – A couple has more opportunities to save money by eloping. They won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an elaborate reception (they just have to pick a great elopement location). Costs tend to be more minimal when eloping. In some cases, the location of the venue is already where the couple will honeymoon, saving them extra travel costs.

INTIMACY – Getting married is a BIG deal, meaning some couples may feel more vulnerable. With an elopement, there’s more privacy to allow the couple to get married within their own comfort zone. In other cases, couples will elope so they don’t have to announce their marriage right away. They may just want to “soft launch” of their wedding day + marriage.

Couple rides off in vintage blue car with their cotton candy flying behind them while they have fun at their street elopement in Las Vegas

DESTINATION – If you’re dreaming of an outdoor ceremony or reception, without the stress of bringing absolutely everything for a big production, elopement is for you. In most cases, a couple will find somewhere they both enjoy visiting and plan their wedding ceremony in that area.

LESS STRESS & MORE CHOICES – There’s no need to worry about all the details involved when planning a big wedding. Couples have more time to have fun due to simple & easy choices. Elopements just make sense to a lot of people and is still something they can look forward to.

The BEST Elopement Locations You’ll Find in Las Vegas

We are a team of design loving, detail-oriented planners working together to create an event that is trendy (but never basic) and style that is unique to each of our couples. Together we have put together a feature of four venues we think do elopements BEST in Las Vegas…

Location #1: A Simple Affair

If you want an elopement location that “feels” most like a wedding, A Simple Affair is the venue for you! This space is great for larger parties – aka micro monies. This venue acts similarly to an “all-inclusive venue” but a big PLUS is they allow outside catering. You’ll find that they offer a pretty great in-house beverage package as long as you follow the strict “no-outside liqueur policy.”

The bride and groom share their first dance at the elopement location: A Simple Affair
bride throws back bouquet at elopement location: A Simple Affair

As for the STYLE of this elopement location, it’s a blank canvas, but already comes with beautiful high ceilings and rustic wood paneling. There is also a lot of metal elements, giving this space an industrial-modern vibe too.

Gorgeous photo of the elopement location: A Simple Affair, High ceilings, string lighting and rustic feel
all photos of elopement location: A Simple Affair by Samantha Jacob Photography

Location #2: Midcentury Manor

This elopement location is a private residence located just 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, called the Midcentury Manor. If you’re looking for a hideaway that is “close” to the strip without the actuality of being on the strip for your entire event, elope here! This venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, with the interior being fully furnished in vintage charm and modern flare. And the outdoor space has pretty bistro lights and vine covered walls enclosing the backyard and pool area.

This elopement location is Midcentury Manor in Las Vegas. A home rented out by the homeowners who have a unique sense style shown in all the decor that comes with using this venue

The owner of this sophisticated, chic boutique venue is Dale Tyczkowski and Johnny “J.R.” Not only are they amazing hosts and great to work with, but they are extremely accommodating to your needs. From stunning views to easy, customizable, all-inclusive packages, this venue has got you covered. One of the best parts about Midcentury Manor is the byob offerings, meaning you can bring pretty much any outside vendor you can think of (including catering)!Fun Fact: The Midcentury Manor is the glorious historic mid-century home and former residence of the “Old Vegas” casino boss who founded Caesars Palace and Circus Circus.

all photos of elopement location: Midcentury Manor by Samantha Jacob Photography

Location #3: Sure Thing Chapel

At this elopement location, everything it looks like it is! Sure Thing Chapel is that typical “elopement experience” you imagine when first thinking about eloping in Las Vegas. So if you love that spur of the moment, “let’s do this” feel to your wedding you should pick here!

Photo of female Elvis at the elopement location called Sure Thing chapel where you can book a ceremony in the typical Las Vegas fashion

Sure Thing Chapel is located on the strip of Las Vegas. Secondly, we LOVE that this place is women-owned. For guest count: this chapel fits perfectly 25 or less guests. They also offer lady Elvis (add-on)!

And if you want to have floral arrangements (besides bouquets), you are required to use the preferred vendor Lucid Juliet. My TIP is to have a little champagne toast set-up right outside. Just make sure to place someone at the door so nobody on the strip tries to snag it!

all photos of elopement location: Sure Thing Chapel by Ashley Truly Photography

Location #4: Street Elopement

What makes a better elopement location than the streets of Las Vegas? Being the most fun, carefree option for two people, saying your “I do’s” quite literally ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE, is pretty fun. All you need is a ordained officiant and a witness (that can literally be your photographer!)

You don’t really need to plan much with this one other than deciding your favorite spots for photo ops and a delicious restaurant to eat at afterwards.

When planning a street elopement, take a good look at the weather and pick a month in Vegas where you won’t be dripping sweat. You do not want to get all dressed up just to let the Las Vegas heat ruin it. PRO tip from a wedding planner for this one is: wear comfortable shoes OR bring a change of shoes! With a street elopement, there is a lot of walking around involved.

street elopement location in front of Battista's hole in the wall which is an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas
all photos of elopement location: Las Vegas Streets by Onyx and Arrow Photography

You can also make stops in between to freshen up, or have transportation follow you around! This way, you don’t have to walk as far and you have a place to chill in-between glamour shots.

And that’s all!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our picks for the BEST elopement locations in Las Vegas. Now that you’ve read all about LOCATIONS, now you’ll want to read “3 Tips When Planning your True Elopement,” an advice guide for all my eloping couples out there!



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