3 Tips When Planning Your “True” Elopement

Apr 12, 2023

To make your elopement feel as sporadic & true to what an elopement means, we do it all and ask you to simply, show up! This is the definition of a “true” elopement we are talking about here. This type of elopement is intimate and just for you two. One size does does not fit all when it comes to Eloping — we work with you to make yours as unique and imaginative as possible. 

Tip #1: Make Your Day, YOUR Day

It isn’t a TRUE elopement, this means you give absolutely no f’s about the opinions of your mother-in-law or that one particular grandparent. This being said, your elopement is about spending time with one another and celebrating the love that brought you to this day.

Since most TRUE elopements don’t have guests, make your celebration a reflection of who you two are as a couple. I cannot stress this enough — Wear what you want, go where you want, and do every single thing YOU want! So you can say, I want my cake to match my shoes…that’s what you’ll get! It does not have to look like everyone else’s because whatever feels BEST for you and your partner is what your true elopement will be. There are not many days you can be as selfish as possible, and your elopement is one of those days!

Tip #2: Visit your local spots!

If you want epic pictures, I guarantee you’ll want to listen to this piece of advice. First, get dolled up (btw we think getting ready TOGETHER is totally hot). Second, do a photo tour with your photographer to all the local spots you’ve spent your relationship in. Did you know? Locations hold special memories for us! Therefore, taking wedding photos at these meaningful places will help you preserve those sweet memories.

And if you’re on the hunt for a ceremony or reception spot — hit up those local favorites. To a planner, nothing is worse than seeing the same ceremony site a million and one times, with the same arch and same design…and why should they? No two couples are the same. Choosing a local spot to host your ceremony and/or reception can even save you more money than splurging on a venue site!

Tip #3: Get a photographer who makes you comfortable

A “true” elopement generally means JUST the two of you, and if you want photos, this means there is a third person tagging along for the ride. Because it’s so important to have fun while you’re taking these pictures, get a photographer who excels at making you feel comfortable…quickly! This kind of photographer is the one who helps pose you without feeling unnatural. And when you look into your partner’s eyes, the photographer’s presence just drifts away.

THIS level of comfortability is what you want at your true elopement. Besides, what does all the money and time spent matter if you don’t have photos to look back on? Even if you are doing a true elopement, make a brief timeline and schedule in a block time for the photos that capture the magic of the day!

Even if you don’t have a day of coordinator, plot out time for fun, travel (traffic), and to breathe and be in the moment! Because that’s literally what its all about!

Overall, your wedding should NOT feel rushed and you should always be able to look back and say, “Oh, that was fun!” For more elopement content & advice, stay tuned for the next blog on “Best Elopement Locations.”

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