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Have you already booked The Neon Museum for either your ceremony and/or your reception?


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There really is no cooler place to have your wedding or elopement than The Neon Museum. The vintage neon signs from hotels past act as the backdrop to your ceremony and if you have your reception, can illuminate your night.

The Neon Museum 

There are no other wedding venues like The Neon Museum and the wedding packages we have created are no different. We know what the venue allows, what they will make exceptions for and unique ways to make your wedding stand out from the last. 

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Please Note: 

A few things...

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum

  • electrical hookups throughout the North Gallery 
  • they have a exclusive catering list that you must choose from. 
  • liquor of any kind is not allowed on the property without a licensed beverage provider
  • bathrooms are across the street in the visitors center 
  • minutes from downtown las vegas 
  • over 100 vintage signs dating back to the 1930s surround you and your guest 
We are currently working on two new packages for The Neon Museum. One offering a RECEPTION ONLY and the other, how we would only do a ceremony & reception combo.
We love the Neon Museum for your special event, elopement, ceremony or reception...we don't love it for your ceremony and reception! 
  • The North Gallery is the only location available for events at The Neon Museum
There is no space for your guests to go while we flip the space for your reception and lining your ceremony with tables is not reflective of our service. 

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