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Elopements and Mini-Monies are here to stay and Eloping to Las Vegas has never been trendier. 

The pandemic definitely propelled Elopements & Mini-Monies into the spotlight but they were coming no matter what! Weddings cost a fortune and are only getting more expensive. After going through Covid, couples have realized the importance of togetherness but also, who really matters. 

Couples are splurging on the experience of getting married rather than the party and I am HERE FOR IT! 
We take Elopement to the next level and add creative and personal touches throughout. 

To make your elopement feel as sporadic & true to what an elopement means, we do it all and ask you to simply, show up! 

One size does does not fit all when it comes to Eloping and we work with you to make yours as unique and imaginative as possible. 

Minimum $2,500.00

Imagine, a highly stylized day made just for you two...

Packages with Venues

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If you want a little more structure and a bit more tradition, you will love the All-Inclusive Packages we have with some of the best venues! 

Are you unsure of what to do or have a few ideas you're playing around with? I am here to talk you through them, answer your questions and help you figure out which package works best for you! 

A highly stylized and intimate day just for you and your partner, the packages for up 2 guests are perfect for you.

Every part of your day can be customized. From getting ready to eating your cake in bed! These packages are the best for couples who want to get married in their hotel suite, in front of a random mural downtown or be super sporadic and do it while we are walking taking pictures! 

Packages for
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We work with Peachy Keen Unions, The Gypsy Mobile Minister and Heidi; the female Elvis! All of these companies provide amazing service, beautiful ceremony scripts and handle the filing of your Marriage License after your Elopement. 

They are all seasoned pro's in the industry and are an invaluable resource leading up to and on the day of your Elopement. You receive a 15 Elopement Ceremony. 

If you haven't tried Caked on Lake Mead, run- don't walk there and taste all of their amazing things! 

We work with Caked exclusively! They have the best cakes, desserts & sweets in Las Vegas. Not only are their cakes delicious but they are works of art! 

A lot of our clients like several different style cakes and we sketch and design their dream cake. Caked delivers our sketches every time, beautifully! 


Celebration Cake or Desserts

Chairs are an easy add on and are included in almost all of our packages. 

Once your theme/vibe has been confirmed, your chairs will be picked. 
If you are interested in other furniture rentals, we can put together a custom quote! 


Our Styled Tables are inspiration to many. No two looks are the same.
We take the time to source unique decor pieces that will add to your tablescape and truly personalize it.  

You receive a sweetheart table, place settings for 2, votives and candles, table decor and floral in theme with your Style Guide.


In Theme Decor

Most of our packages include personal flowers. Very often, our clients only need personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns). Knowing this, we aim to make every floral item look like a piece of art. 

The highest quality flowers are used for all of your pieces. If you decide you want to add additional floral arrangements for your ceremony or celebration, the same and creativity will be carried throughout. 


Personal Flowers 

Our Hair & Makeup vendors never cease to amaze me! Their work is stunning, never heavy and lasts for hours and hours...even in the Vegas heat! 

When we match you with a makeup and hair artist; we ensure that that vendor knows your look and your hair and skin type. We take the time to try out several artists (personally), to ensure they are the best fit for you.  

Hair and Makeup for 1 is included in most packages. Please let us know if a second service is needed. 


Hair & Makeup

Your Day of Producer creates and sends out your Day of Timeline 2 weeks before your Elopement.

On the day of your Elopement, you get 1-2 Producers there to setup, greet you and your guest, ensure everything stays on schedule and that you both are having the most amazing time.


Day of Producer

Photography, to us, is the most important piece of the puzzle. It's the only evidence that your day happened and we take that very seriously. 

P3 works with the most talented Photographers and the proof is all over our website and social! All of the work and detail I put into planning and styling your elopement, of course we are going to make sure it's captured perfectly. 

We appreciate the art photographers create from beginning to end. We use them for the ENTIRE process- photo to editing. We also introduce you to them out of the gate so you have time to get to know each other and maybe even do a killer engagement shoot beforehand! 

Dependent on your package, you receive 2-4 hours of time, 70-90 photos an hour, all photos color corrected, an online gallery to view, download and print your photos, all rights to your images and a sneak peek within 72 hours of your elopement. 

Some of our favorite photographers right now are: The Combs Creative, Onyx & Arrow Photography, Samantha Jacob Photography & Siga Gubista Photography! We work with several more photographers and definitely have one that fits your photography style. 

Fine Art Photography

Officiant or Modern Minister

What do you receive?

Pictures don't lie!

What makes P3's Elopements stand out from the rest? Our extreme eye for detail, unique ideas and unmatched design wisdom. 

Our superior design ability.

All couples are not the same and we understand and appreciate that. A vendor that works for one couple, may not work for another couple. 

We plan your Elopement with this in mind. We pick and choose from our amazing vendor list, creating your Vendor Dream Team! 

The quality of our vendors.

The Secret Sauce

You've seen a thousand elopements by now. How can yours be different and stand out? Leave that to me! 

Why do our Elopements just "look different" than the rest? 

It's in the sauce. We work with amazing vendors every time. Vendors we have not just working relationships but also consider friends. We collaborate on new things to do for a specific client because those conversations are fun and exciting, work or not! 

While our vendors are great, the attention to detail and specific directions we give to each vendor really sets us above the rest. 

We work with your florist to ensure they match your vibe, selecting flowers, colors and designing the overall composition. 

We make and/or commission unique d├ęcor details to garnish your table and bring it to the next level. 

We design your cake based on all the different styles and provide a sketch to send to our amazing Cake vendor. 

There is so much more that P3 personally does to make your Elopement one of a kind and that's what makes each of our Elopements stand out.  

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