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Owner & Lead Planner & Stylist
She, Her

Lindsay Parrott-Masiewicz

Meet The Magic

Type A, Design Goddess, Gossip Girl Fanatic & 18 year Resident of Grey-Sloan Memorial

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Las Vegas in 2020. I love a big city, and definitely took the aesthetic with me, but really wanted a change of pace & vibe. 

Events have been my life for almost 13 years! I was happy doing smaller events and the occasional wedding when I started in 2011 until I connected with a planner in Mill Valley, CA who invited me to a one-on-one two week training session. Needless to say, I went and the wedding was amazing! 

After this wedding, I caught the itch and I was hooked from then on. Planning has always come very easy to me and is a great outlet for my very strong Type A personality.

Design & Styling is my love language. I need it to feel normal! I see art and opportunity in everything and am always discovering new ways to show my couples' personalities through details. 

1. Cardio: I am getting more active but will never be someone who raves about endorphins. 
2. Birds: Deep, unexplained fear of all birds. Sparrows to Storks. 
3. Driving. I do it. I'm fine at it (maybe a little rage), I just hate it. 4.8 stars on Uber 


1.  I have watched Gossip Girl all the way through over 15 times
2. I have a deep love for Tom Skilling 
3. I have an obsession with small dogs with attitude problems

Random things:

1. Drink: Coffee Bean Vanilla Latte with oat milk & cinnamon 
2. Color: Too many to choose from. I am loving jewel tones & metallic right now
3. Vacation Destination: The Grand Wailea in Maui



Lindsay gave the WOW! Factor we were looking for.
~Rick & James | Chicago, IL 


Every brides best wish is to have a stress free day and that is exactly how it was.
~Tylasha & Reggie | Las Vegas, NV

Perfecting every moment


Las Vegas 



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