Day of Production


Our Full Wedding Planning, Design & Day of Production package requires a minimum budget of $50,000 per 100 guests. This budget includes: your venue(s), photography, catering & beverage, invitations, entertainment, transportation, floral and decor. 


This is the only package that offers full access to your wedding planner...Unlimited calls  

πŸ’ onboarding call after booking 
πŸ’ complimentary consultation booking your hotel room(s) with our accommodations coordinator
πŸ’ budget creation & guidance throughout the entire planning process
πŸ’ access to your own personalized planning portal one month after booking 
πŸ’ creation of your mood board and color scheme recommendation
πŸ’ creation of your wedding proposal 
πŸ’ assistance in locating your ceremony and reception spaces 
πŸ’ up to 3 in person venue tours (if applicable) 
πŸ’ creation of your style guide 
πŸ’ 1 hour weekly wedding meetings starting 8 months before your wedding 
πŸ’ weekly reminders through your portal to keep you on task with links and support to help you
these reminders are tailored to your wedding and what you specifically need to do based on ou onboarding call and approved event proposal
πŸ’ creation of your vendor dream and complete coordination and communication with throughout the entire planning and design process 
πŸ’ attendance to up to 5 vendor meetings (in person or virtual)
πŸ’ hosting several individual meetings with vendors to discuss details of your event, talk through invoices 
πŸ’ 1 hand sketched rendering of your ceremony space, guest table and cake (if applicable) 
πŸ’ creation of up to 3 floor plan suggestions (if applicable) 
πŸ’ creation of your day of timeline sent to you and all of your vendors 2 weeks before your wedding 
πŸ’ coordination of and attendance to the final walkthrough with all of your vendors 
πŸ’ 1 hr rehearsal (ceremony run through) the night before your wedding (if applicable and allowed by your venue) 
πŸ’ up to 10 hours of production time at one location 
πŸ’ 1 day of producer and PA for up to 100 guests 
πŸ’ onsite for setup, check in vendors, refer to floor plan and seating charts 
πŸ’ day of styling of all tables -guest, gift, cake, welcome, etc….
πŸ’ running your timeline from start to finish, keeping vendors on schedule - always preparing fo the next moment 
πŸ’ ensuring guest satisfaction throughout the night 
πŸ’ cueing your wedding party for entrance with the DJ or entertainment 
πŸ’ alleviating any issues before you’re made aware (if at all) 
πŸ’ collecting any cards/gifts and transferring them to your designated guest at the end of the evening 
πŸ’ oversee breakdown and the returning of all rentals 

Full Wedding Planning, Design with Day of Production is the best way to get your wedding planned without having too much of anything.

We talk out your entire freaking vision the first time we connect after booking. We review and chat about your mood board & color scheme recommendation sent to you at the completion of your pre-boarding.

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