How to use Aisle Planner

Jan 8, 2022

If you are a Wedding Planning client, we will be using Aisle Planner ALOT. If you are an Elopement client, you will use it to pay invoices and receive your timeline.

Aisle Planner is your online planning portal that holds all things Wedding! Your proposals, invoices, contracts, vendor information, budget and eventually your Day of Timeline is accessible here.

It is fairly easy to use and very user friendly. Let’s walk through opening your account.

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to your Wedding Project. Click Accept.
  1. Your screen should look like this now (with your image and names). Click go to project.
  1. This is your main screen. Let’s review the Header Options.

Checklist: This is where all of your to-do’s will be! There will be things assigned to you, your partner and me! Each task will have a deadline and I set reminders for you so you can stay on track.

Calendar: The calendar tool allows you to see your checklist due date items in a more visual way.

Timeline: Closer to your wedding or elopement date, your timeline will be added here. We will be able to view it together and edit as necessary in real-time.

Design Studio: We will use Pinterest and personal mood boards and style guides more than this. I will bring over a few photos to display your vibe at the bottom of your home screen (above).

Guests: You can track your guests on Aisle Planner too! Start the list here or transfer the list you already have going. You also do not have to use this section but it is available to you.

Layout & Seating: This is where your floorplan suggestions will be. You also have the option of doing your seating chart (if applicable) here too!

Contacts: This is where all your vendor information will be stored. First, it will just be a list of names of different vendors in different categories, their contact information and links to their websites and social media. Then as I collect information for you, it will be filled with proposals, contacts and invoices as well as payment reminders.

Budget: This is where we will be a lot in the beginning and every time we book a new vendor.
For wedding clients: We will use this area during your Onboarding call and lay the groundwork out. I will have reviewed your Pinterest before our chat and based on the vibe and look you’re going for, created a rough budget. I base that on industry averages, vendor relationships and my knowledge of the individual industries. From there: we review, remove and add where necessary. Once your budget has been approved, I begin referring vendors and adding them to your Contacts tab. Before booking a vendor, going back to the budget and seeing how they change it is useful and keeps you on track and budget throughout.

Notes: Use this as you’d like. Keep notes here, whatever you’d like.

Website: Aisle Planner can also host your Wedding Website! Let me know if you’d like to use it and I will release it to you.

During our first official meeting, we will do a Google Hangout and I will screen share your Aisle Planner and walk you through the basics as well!

I am excited to get started and always feel free to reach out with any questions!

XO, Lindsay



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