What is your Design Vibe?

Apr 3, 2020

Are you more boho and pampas or pearls and peonies? 

Do you envision a sunset ceremony in the desert and a indoor reception or do you see everything happening in one place? 

Is this more of a celebration than a traditional reception? What aspects of a traditional reception would you still like to honor or incorporate in a more modern or unique way? 

These are just some of the questions you should start asking yourself. 

Using Pinterest and the questionnaire sent to you on Aisle Planner, I will help you narrow down your Wedding Vibe. (see Make Pinterest Your Bitch!

Yes, things will evolve throughout the planning process but going into the initial budgeting phase and venue hunting with an overall vision, will be priceless. 

Curating your Wedding Vibe…

  1. Read Make Pinterest Your Bitch! And follow the directions to starting an account and/or creating a Pin Board. 
  2. Answer the Vibes Questionnaire and submit
  3. Bonus Points: if you you have time to comment under your pins what you like/love about the image 
  4. More Bonus Points: if you really want to impress, jot down (does not have to be formal), how you see your entire Wedding Day going. You will find by doing that, you envision a type of place. Describe that place to me! 

A Tip…

You should read and follow the directions in Make Pinterest Your Bitch! before answering the Vibes Questionnaire. This will help you start to form a design opinion before you’re asked a bunch of questions.  

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