Wedding Timeline: Plan Your Day Backwards!

Sep 21, 2022

Have you been dreading putting together your wedding timeline? You may have what we call: timeline block (similar to writer’s block!) Timeline block is when you’ve begun wedding planning, but purposefully skip drafting a timeline for the day because you simply don’t know where to START…

IS this YOU? We get it. If you are a NEW bride or groom—you may be feeling nervous, annoyed, stuck, or all of the above. Let us offer our best TIPS for getting started on your timeline (without overwhelm!)

Making the timeline and planning your day is so important. Timeline creation is our specialty, so have confidence that you can trust us. We recommend that if you have a wedding planner, absolutely utilize their skills in timeline creation because they will customize a standard timeline to one that is perfectly curated for your significant other & YOU.


You want to pick your timeline creation TOOL! We use timeline creation tools such as Aisle Planner (offered to all of our clients — free of use!) or simply find a template you love by searching Google for your style.

P3 Events loves using Aisle Planner because this all-in-one platform can help you manage every detail like a pro. Find tools like; your budget tracker, wedding checklist with calendar, contacts sheet for your guest list, and more!


When you arrive at the blank timeline, begin by working your timeline from the end to beginning. And if you forget all the information & tips in this blog, that’s okay, but PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE! I’ll say it again, work your way backwards or from the end to the beginning of your wedding day.

Seems weird, right? What is the reason for this… We believe the “milestone-event” markers in your timeline are the first additions to your timeline. What are they?

Start by adding the easiest mark on your timeline — SUNSET!

Lindsay Parrot-Masiewicz

These solid, unchangeable time stamps in your wedding day are: ending time (which depends how late your venue lets you stay on-site), sunset, ceremony end & start time, and earliest on-site time for vendors to arrive at your venue (check with your venue on when this is.) These solidified time stamps help you outline and establish the rest of your day. SEE — you’re working backwards!!!


Add your milestone moments! These are the non-negotiable events you want on your wedding timeline. These can vary from a grand entrance or exit, to a bouquet/garter toss, EVEN a surprise dance! And you don’t just have to add the “traditional” wedding stuff. We SAY personalize your wedding day with events that reflect who you are as a couple. And don’t just add “trends” either, unless you’re positive you won’t regret them in 5 or 10 years in the future when you look back on your wedding day.

Timelines are very crucial because they give your wedding a clear schedule. This not only helps your vendors, but it helps YOU feel more organized. And as you begin adding + organizing when you want events happen, try to envision the actual wedding day. No, we mean literally (in your mind), walk through the day to see how each event flows into the other.

We hope this helps you get started on creating your wedding timeline! And if this simply isn’t your jam, inquire with P3 Events for wedding planning services that make your event seamless & STAND OUT (but we promise, never anything basic).



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