Wedding Photography TIPS: Make Time For Your Glamour Shots!

Sep 7, 2022

If your wedding vision is GLAMOUR, then you must know how to incorporate moments in your timeline to accommodate your every desire! While so much of your wedding day is fleeting–your wedding photos will be yours to keep forever. You owe it to yourself to make this expense worth your while.

Enjoy this wedding short by The Combs Creative to see what YOUR wedding could look when your vision focuses on all the glamour‚ú®

If Wedding Photography is one of the parts of planning your wedding that gets you EXCITED, then listen closely to these TIPS on creating your timeline to get those unique, captivating, bold wedding photos that make your feel extra glamourous.

Control the Elements

This blog will walk you through the elements you CAN control in order to get your glamour shots & how to use your timeline to do it. When planning the perfect shots for your wedding there’s a few things you want to consider:

  • Venue/Location (choose wisely the environment you shoot in)
  • Wedding Vendors (wedding planner, photo, video, hair/makeup, rentals, etc.)
  • Creativity
  • Food
  • Attire + Accessories
  • Timeline

Firstly, the more CONTROL you have over your venue and stylistic aspects of your wedding, the better. Save yourself the stress and choose a venue that has the least amount of uncontrollable elements as possible.

And because “glamour shots” take lots of effort and time, the next item on your checklist is to hire a wedding planning & design expert! When it comes to your wedding, you’ll want someone by your side can advise you personally on wedding specific things that come up while planning AND who is creative (to help plan those stylistic aspects of your wedding). The wedding planner is someone who can wrangle all the elements together while ensuring the wedding day goes as smoothly as possible.

Your wedding planner can also help manage your budget, which is the NEXT most important thing to consider to get your GLAMOUR on. Setting the right budget is a tough decision. How much do you allocate for each vendor? And how do you meet all your design needs? Your wedding planner is an expert when it comes to this topic, and they will ensure you look and feel stylish without breaking the bank.

Focus on the Visuals

Now, you pick your photographer/videographer. Make sure you do a thorough hunt for someone who your comfortable and vibe with, but also ensure they can deliver what you want visually! For example: If you plan on having plenty of night photos, find a photographer who is skilled in flash photography and their editing style at night looks good.

My recommendation for couples is to ALWAYS do an engagement shoot. These can inform you how your photographer will pose you and if you feel comfortable with them. This “posing practice,” is good before your wedding day, because one weird angle or awkward limb can make or break the glamour shot.

NEXT, you want to pick your wedding attire! Get a dress, suit, or jumpsuit that makes you feel comfortable and special. Consider the style of your wedding and colors to ensure you are “on theme” with the wedding attire. A bit of advice — if you choose sexy, but uncomfortable shoes, consider bringing comfortable shoes to walk from photo location to location. Then, when you get to your photo destinations, you can change back into your fancies.

And don’t do TOO much with your accessories — let your hair & makeup shine through!

AND with that, the next point in the checklist is: hire a makeup/hair team. Find vendors who will make you feel pampered and ensure with your timeline that they stay on schedule so you can enjoy the relaxation. You want them to accentuate your beauty, ensuring you look and feel like an ICON.

REMEMBER: This style of photography takes more time AND effort, which is all the more reason why creating a timeline for your wedding photos will benefit you & ease the stress of fitting glamour shots into your wedding day. Lean on your wedding planner for help plan moments in your timeline to create specific & private moments for your photos!

Add Your STYLE

My favorite part about glamour photos, is that they are also all about STYLE! Get creative with props, rental items, attire, etc. that are on theme with your vibe.

For example: to create stunning photos in the dark like these two did, invest in different types and levels of lighting and go crazy! For this shoot, we used lighting from @trevproductions to create a super vibey (Stranger Things vibes, much?) ceremony & sweetheart table. Be inspired below:

Want to embark on an incredible eclectic wedding just like this? Reach out to P3 Events to plan your elopement OR a full wedding planning experience that doesn’t feel less cute, just easier!

and a huge thanks to these great vendors who made this styled wedding a breeze:

venue @desertloveevents

photographer @thecombscreative

makeup @makeupinthe702

floral @fragileboxer

planning, styling, table & decor @p3events

table names, place cards & stationery @ascaniodesigns

lighting @trevproductions

transportation @tesla

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