Love is Love… I met Kristi & Heather on Instagram. I was thrilled after hearing about their huge blended family and that they wanted to do Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe to go along with their Summer Solstice Date (June 20th).¬†They had originally planned to do a larger ceremony in the mountains but because of Covid, […]

Past Couples, Same-Sex Weddings

January 10, 2022

Kristi & Heather’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Elopement

When the times change, we change with them… We had already shifted gears to Elopements & Intimate Gatherings right before Covid hit. So going completely virtual, while different- not unexpected. It is a crazy time but love does not stop. Virtual Weddings are not for everyone and are a category of their own. They are […]

How To

August 5, 2020

How to plan a Virtual Wedding

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