How to get your Marriage License in Las Vegas

Jan 10, 2022

Quick & Easy: Get your Marriage License in Las Vegas

How to Get Your Marriage License in Vegas

Thoroughly read through for the fine details or skim the big parts, either way you will learn what is required, what you need to know and get the information on how to get your marriage license in Las Vegas.

Basic Questions

1). How long does it take to get a marriage license in Las Vegas?
Usually 2 hours from your door to completion. There are always lines and some days they move faster or slower.

2). Do you need a marriage license to renew your wedding vows in Las Vegas? No. 

3). How fast can you get married in Las Vegas? 

You can get married in Vegas the day you arrive! P3 Events offers Packages for 2 for couples who want to elope, don’t want to plan but want it planned. 

4). Where do you go to get your Marriage License? The Address is: 

Clark County Marriage License Bureau 201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Northwest corner of 3rd Street and Clark)

I also recommend filling out the application for your Marriage License online ahead of time. 
Marriage License Application 

5). Do we need a witness?
Yes, you need a witness. Depending on where you have your Elopement, one may be provided for you. If you have have a Civil Marriage at the courthouse, a witness will be provided. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures, you are not permitted to bring any guests with you. 

6). What do we do with our Marriage License after we receive it? 
Bring it to your Ceremony! Do not forget it! I cannot stress this enough. After your ceremony, you will need to file your Marriage License within 10 days of your Elopement. After the 10 days you can access the Clark County Recorder’s Office Website to order the proof of marriage. The license should be available a couple days after it has been recorded. 

  • The Certified Copy of your Proof of Marriage is sent by mail via the US Post office. Domestic shipping usually takes 7-10 business days and up to 6-8 weeks for international. 
  • You can also order your License in person at 200 Lewis Avenue 5th Floor Las Vegas, NV 89101

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