Beyoncé Meets Great Gatsby- Lindsay + Andy Wedding Anniversary Feature

Dec 14, 2022

Time flies after you get married! This week (well, technically yesterday) my husband and I are celebrating our 8 YEAR wedding anniversary. Looking back on this beautiful day, I am thrilled with the glamour of it all of course – I mostly can’t help but cherish the incredible life we have created together. #thatswhatmarriageisabout. And with that, enjoy some throwback photos of our memorable day!

Beginning of the Day

TIP: Enjoy these relaxing, slow moments of your wedding day because once the wedding gets rolling, it will go so fast you may not fully be able to stop and soak in the moments.

Glamour Shots

Headed to Union Station

The transportation part is never the easiest, so make sure this is secured & coordinated ahead of time!

The First Look

Every girl dreams of her Cinderella “glass slipper” moment; beautifully recreated with our first look.

Wedding Party Clique

Invest in your wedding party!!! If you’ve dragged them around for a year of planning, wedding events, fittings, tastings, and bachelorette/bachelor parties… pamper them the day-of, get them cute accessories, and make sure they LOOK & FEEL their best.

Plus, a few more romantics with the bride and groom…

The Ceremony

When I say we went ALL OUT on the details, I mean we went HARD on the design. But what else can you expect from a full-time wedding planner?

Cocktail Hour

One thing I will never regret was the INCREDIBLE food we had at our wedding from Boutique Bites and Bittersweet Pastry Shop & Cafe. Here’s the photos that will make you wish you could eat meta-food!

Reception – AKA PARTY!



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