From Chicago to Las Vegas

May 11, 2020

Your New Las Vegas Wedding Planner!

Times are definitely changing. With that said, I find myself with more downtime and thought it was the perfect time to start blogging for P3! 

I had a friend write up a few questions as a way for you to get to know me, P3 and why I am so excited to be a Las Vegas Wedding Planner!

First, I’m Lindsay!

Where are you & P3 Events from? 

P3 Events is from Chicago and moved to Las Vegas in June 2020. I grew up in the heart of the city and have never lived anywhere else until our move. I am a Cubs fan.

Why move from Chicago to Las Vegas? 

Because I LOVE LAS VEGAS! My best friend and her family live in Mountain’s Edge and whenever we are there, it feels like home. Every vacation we have had the last few years has been to Las Vegas. We finally made the decision when we started ordering groceries to our AirBnb’s days before arriving.

Where are you planning to live in Vegas? Why? 

That’s a loaded question…mainly because I am still torn between Mountain’s Edge: up and coming and amazing with gorgeous newer homes, lots of land and a younger crowd or Summerlin: manicured streets, amazing schools and beautiful homes (with less space and more work needed). We are leaning more towards Summerlin or The Lakes but it changes weekly as Redfin is the Pinterest of Real Estate. 

City Weddings or Desert Weddings? Why?

I think I have been jaded with skyscrapers and busy streets growing up 1 block east of State Street all my life. I choose Desert/Vegas Weddings every time. Vegas has a downtown area and of course The Strip when you want busier, more downtown feeling pictures. But it also has amazing mountain landscapes. You can do so much in Las Vegas and I cannot wait to do more! 

What are your top 3 favorite restaurants in Vegas? None on The Strip. 

First. Nora’s Cuisine  on the way from the airport. This place feels like someone’s really cozy and fancy dining room. They have the best Italian food I have ever tasted (and I’m from Chicago)! 

Second. La Strega … can you tell I like Italian Food? La Strega is newer and literally means “The Witch”. If you know me, you’d know why I would gravitate to this place. Their drink menu is themed after Witches who were burned during The Salem Witch Trials. The decor is AMAZING and the drinks are sinful…take a cab. 

Third, Batista’s! This is off the strip (behind The Cromwell). This place has been around FOREVER and when I say forever, I mean; when my Grandpa would go to Vegas in the 1970’s, he would go there. As I answer, I realize all my choices are Italian…maybe it’s my favorite food?

What is there to do off strip? *She is a little sour I am leaving and doesn’t believe there is life off The Strip

The same things there are to do in Chicago; just with better weather, happier people and mountains. My favorite thing to do in Vegas, so far, is go to Cafe Lola in Summerlin for lunch with my two year old, play at Fidgets until she passes out and then go to Parkway for mini corn-dogs & margaritas…weird mix but it works. 

I am so excited to be a part of the Las Vegas community! Thank you for reading my first post! 



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