A Woodstock-Chic Elopement in Las Vegas: Chelsey & Richie at A Simple Affair

Aug 9, 2023

Although, Chelsey and Richie’s wedding was last year, we wanted to especially HIGHLIGHT our amazing feature in the Rock n Roll Bride ! We are excited to re-live this couple’s dreamy, desert elopement. It was spontaneous, inspired by boho, and a wildly fun party.

Wedding Planning: How the Woodstock-Chic Came to Be

Planning a wedding wasn’t really our bride’s thing. Since these cuties live out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, so low maintenance was their vibe. And to keep the couple as comfortable and happy as possible, the planners at P3 Events decided to SURPRISE them with all of the design, coordination, etc. With, of course, their approval on the many design and vibe proposals we sent them.

The inspiration for the theme came from a ‘Trippy Hippie’ sticker that P3 Events saw on a bicycle in San Francisco a few months earlier. And we quickly realized that Chelsey is a Hippie, but chic and her ideal scenario…Woodstock with a nicer bathroom. And that is where Woodstock Chic was born!

Building their Style Guide was especially fun! Using some of Chelsey’s favorite colors and what P3 Events knew would really enhance her vision, we created a beautiful and earthy color scheme that screams Boho but also a subtle elegance.

The Woodstock-Chic Wedding DAY

The first stop of their wedding day was for desert photos with their photographer, Christina Forza Photo, at the venue, Desert Love. They took beautiful romantics and luckily used their limo (parked nearby) to cool down from the Nevada heat.

Once they were finished taking portraits, Chelsey and Richie hopped back in the limo and headed to their venue at A Simple Affair. They arrived just before their guests to hide out before their ceremony. To make the aisle to feel as boho as possible, but still have a polished finish, we worked with Modern Vintage Rentals to create a cozy and eclectic seating plan for Chelsey & Richie’s guests.

And the hanging bottles idea actually came from Pinterest! This idea saved Chelsey some money and used as much of what the venue offered as possible. A Simple Affair has these beautiful flower boxes they suspend over the guest tables for their events. We paid a small fee to have them placed differently and Bloomingbelles worked their magic adding the hanging jars and floral to create a gorgeous backdrop for Chelsey as she walked down the Aisle.

Once everyone was seated in the unique living room style seating, the bride came down the aisle wearing a beautiful Rue De Seine bridal gown. During the ceremony, the couple created a custom perfume to represent their unity and then said “I do!”

After guests congratulated the happy couple, everyone began to enjoy the food and find their tables. Behind-the-scenes of designing this floor plan for Simple Affair (a big, blank canvas-type venue), was fun but also unique to create. The event had a super intimate guest count and we didn’t want the size of the venue to swallow the event, so we separated the room into 4 quadrants. This way every room felt cozy and intimate.

We designed their venue with woodstock chic vibes; hanging florals, joint party favors, and boho rentals. Lindsay, the lead planner of P3 Events, always likes to say, ” a little lighting goes a long way.” Amber up lights were strung up around the perimeter of the venue and washed the room in moody lighting in the ceremony & reception spaces. This really gave the room a hug of color and softens it, setting a romantic mood in the minds guests.

For dining, the guests enjoyed gourmet pizzas with edible flowers. Another authentic, sweet touch was a memorial table for the bride’s late father by her cake.

Overall, the intimate wedding was a hit and guests got to enjoy a cozy day with great food, memories, and dancing! The bride, Chelsey, offers this bit of advice for brides planning a wedding:

“Follow your first instincts about what YOU want”, Chelsey advises. “Don’t plan a wedding for your guests and family, plan a wedding for you!”

Photographer: Christina SForza Photography
Venue: A Simple Affair



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