When the couple wants a bohemian romance to meet their Latin roots and still feel cozy and intimate, you get THIS incredible wedding! You’ll find that Leslie & Ricky’s wedding is actually what we call a MICRO-MONY. What is that you ask? One of the specialties at P3 Events is our production of what we […]

Design & Styling, Micro-Mony, Past Couples

August 17, 2022

Leslie + Ricky’s Cozy-Bohemian Romance inspired Micro-Mony

Explore the magical world of Khairi & Erica’s micro-mony wedding, inspired by Harry Potter! You’ll see some of my favorite photos from their gorgeous day, captured by @thecombscreative. One of my favorite aspects of wedding planning is the DESIGN portion, in which I get to make mood boards just like this one below. Khairi and Erica […]

Design & Styling, Micro-Mony, Same-Sex Weddings

August 10, 2022

Khairi & Erica’s Hogwarts Chic Micro-Mony

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