how does this all work?
Please see samples of our Floral Design & Decor Order Agreement 

  1. Deposit is made online or via credit card by calling 312.318.3225 
  2. Confirmation Phone Call  – within 24hrs of order being received (your date is now officially confirmed!)
  3. Receive official quote for Floral Design and/or Decor via email
  4. Once reviewed, edits will be made if necessary and your 1st Consultation will be scheduled
  5. Have 1st Consultation –usually 30 minutes to an hour 
  6. Review updated quote if applicable
  7. Receive official invoice and Floral Design & Decor Order Agreement
  8. Make 2nd payment (25%), sign & return Agreement
  9. That’s it! We will reach out to you four months before your wedding for your 3rd payment (25%) and to schedule a Floral Sample (if you’d like).


Items are in your cart…
Once all of your items have been selected, make sure you have added the right delivery option. If you have selected Candle Cages for example, select this option for delivery.  You only have to add one type of Delivery option EXCEPT if you’ve selected Personal Flowers. If you have selected any personal flowers, please also add this option. 

Before you make your payment…
Be sure to enter “deposit” in the coupon box to receive 75% off your total 

Do not worry…
your order will be reviewed during your Confirmation Phone Call 

Remember to add a contact number and email address…
In order for P3 to reach out to you to confirm your order and schedule your 1st Consultation. If we are not able to contact you within 48hrs of your order, it will be cancelled and you will be refunded your deposit. 

If you have any questions or updates…
please feel free to email your designer whenever you’d like! We are happy to assist you!



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