How to Plan a Bachelorette Party!!

As a Bride, planning your wedding will be one of the most stressful and rewarding experiences of your life. Even with a planner, there is always some anxiety and stress expected. Whether you are planning your own or having a friend plan it, these tips will ensure the best Bachelorette Party ever!

Where To Go…

Choosing the destination is the most important part of planning a bachelorette party. You want nice weather, not too hot and not cold (unless that’s what you’re into). Wherever you choose, you  want to be centrally located; near the best restaurants, bars, beach/pools and other attractions. Keep that in mind when locating a hotel or renting a home/condo.

Here are the top bachelorette party destinations for 2017 and 2018. See some of our favorite AirBnb’s!
Scottsdale, Arizona
New Orelans, Louisiana
Miami, Florida


How To Get There…

“Getting there is half the battle.” No truer words have been spoken. Getting groups of people to do the same thing around the same time and by a certain date is never easy and someone always has an excuse.

We find that booking individually, in groups, works the best. Depending on the size of your party, we recommend 3-4 girls book their flights together. That way the party can start on the plane (think Bridesmaids but not getting kicked off the flight)!

Some may find booking group travel deals with their select airlines is easier. We like this option too but it requires a larger payment (at least $2,000.00) upfront. If your group can organize quickly and make the payment/s then this would be the best option. You save money on flights, get to sit all together and arrive at the same time.

We have listed a few airlines who have been stellar with our previous Bachelorette/Bachelor partygoers. Keep in mind prices are always higher during holiday weekends, sporting/concert events and for anything happening specifically in your chosen party state. You should book flights as early as you can into the planning process.

Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

 Building your Bachelorette Party Itinerary

Personally, I like a “as you go” type of vacation and less of an itinerary BUT for Bachelorette Parties, a schedule is the ONLY way to go. For one, it allows all of your Bridesmaids a chance to plan their outfits. Two, you are traveling in a larger group- you want to ensure the places you want to go can accommodate you and Three, planning in advance allows everyone to budget accordingly.

Because we are awesome, we included a sample itinerary to get you started.

Where To Go & What To Do…

The outfits have been chosen, the makeup has been done and the hair has been sprayed; now its time for food, drinks and dancing! There are so many things to do in any place you choose. If planning for the Bride, choose at least one place or activity you know she would want to do specifically. Make that day a personalized day, really celebrate her and go over the top with it. She isn’t wearing a bikini white tutu and a crown not to be noticed! All of your activities don’t have to be drinking oriented, we like Spa Days or a Food Tour and have selected some of the best places in various locations based on our personal preferences and recommendations over the past year or so.


Maya Day & Night Club (Scottsdale, AZ) Great pricing, great atmosphere and it is connected to a bar that serves food and more drinks and El Hefe is across the street.
Hyde @ The Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV) Favorite Club to go to when in Vegas. The views are unbeatable, the service is impeccable and its never overwhelming crowded.
LIV (Miami Beach, FL) When in Rome…you should at least visit LIV once in your life 🙂 It’s what you imagine a mega club to look like. Dancing, music, flash and a celebrity spotting is what you’ll get here.

Culinary Dropout (Scottsdale, AZ) If you want a laid back atmosphere, themed drinks, great food and games…this is the place!
Barton G (Miami, FL) AMAZING! Everything about this restaurant screams fabulous. The steaming drinks, the overly displayed meals and the ambiance will promise for an experience unlike any other.
STACK LV (Las Vegas, NV) The food is delicious! The first time we were there, we got to meet Khloe Kardashian…granted we stalked them for hours before…we still met her at STACK 🙂

Excursions and Tours
Peachtree Food Tours (Atlanta, GA) – Ask for John Hannula! He will be your tour guide and is the nicest! Tell him you are there for a Bachelorette Party and don’t want to shy away from the drinks!
Pole Dancing Classes  (Las Vegas, NV) Such a fun experience and cost effective! Bring some Boa’s and be ready to dance!
Boat Rentals & Charters (Miami, FL) Having a boat day is a must when having a bachelorette party in Miami. Grab some food, drinks and music and prepare for an amazing time!

Decorating the Space and the Bride

It’s not enough to just check in and unpack. The party starts when you land and should definitely be underway when you walk into your hotel room, suite, condo or home rental. There are a few things you can do beforehand to ensure the perfect setup and surprise to the Bride.

  1. Have a bottle of whatever the bride likes chilled and ready to be served when you get inside
  2. Create Adult Goodie Bags and fill with recovery items: Eye Drops, Mouth Wash, Aspirin, Mini Liquor Bottles, a water bottle, Energy Bar and a Vitamin Water.
  3. Get some food in your bellies! Have a fun spread sent to the room and fill up before your first activity. If you are renting a home or condo, locate a grocery delivery service and prearrange to have essentials and a welcome meal/snack delivered shortly after you check in.
  4. Adorn the door to the Bride’s Room with “cheeky” pictures, balloons, streamers and whatever else you know she’d love.
  5. Take it one step further and do up her room. More Balloons, Streamers, Poppers, etc…
  6. Gift her something Bachelorette themed and have some matching outfits for all of the bridesmaids. Think matching bathing suits, head bands, flip flops, a robe, personalized water bottles (for water or whatever)…
  7. Get pretty (prettier) and take some posed pictures! This is very important. There may not be a lot of pictures that are social media appropriate, so pictures of you guys looking cute are essential to capturing some of the memories that you can share, frame and show your friends and family (and fiancé)!

Take a look at some of our favorite Bachelorette Party Pictures! 

Whatever you choose to do, it will be amazing and you and your friends will be sure to have nonstop things to laugh about for years to come.

And if this sounds like too much to worry about, you can always hire a planner! P3 Events offers a Bachelorette Planning & Assistance Package for $350.00. Click here to learn more.

As always, thanks for reading!

-The P3 Team
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Where To Go & What To Do…

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