You will receive a personalized version of this agreement via email with your wedding or event details, dates and locations. After your confirmation phone call and before your 1st Consultation. 

 The Clients ??? agrees to employ P3 Petal as their Florist for their Wedding on ??? at ??? on ???. 

  1. The total invoice price is ??? (including taxes and delivery). 
  2. A deposit of 25% (???) has been accepted by P3 Events (Petal) to reserve the above date and listed floral and/or rentals. 
  3. 25% of the total invoice is due after your 1st Consultation and receipt of your updated invoice. 
  4. The balance, along with all final changes, is due on or before 30 days prior to your event date. 
  5. Cancellation Policy
    Should the event order be cancelled (30 days prior to the event date), the client will receive all payments made minus their nonrefundable deposit and $200.00 consulting fee
    Should the event order be cancelled (less than 7 days prior to the event) all payments made minus 50% shall be refunded to the client
    Should the event order be cancelled (less than 1 day prior to the event) all payments made minus 75% shall be refunded to the client
  6. Floral and/or Rentals shall be delivered at a mutually agreed upon time providing weather and traffic conditions are normal. All efforts to inform the client of any travel problems will be made. 
  7. All rental items must be returned/picked up according to proposal. Client is responsible for any damaged/missing items. These will be charged replacement fees at wholesale cost. Once rentals are delivered, client becomes responsible until items are back in possession of P3 Events (Petal). 
  8. If for whatever reason your venue needs you rental items out of the venue at the conclusion of the event, there will be a pickup fee starting at $250.00. We will make our best efforts to be in contact with your venue several weeks prior to your event date. But as the client we ask that you coordinate this with your venue and communicate this timing with your Designer at P3 Events (Petal). 
  9. Our delivery fee includes setup according to proposal/ Shall additional hours of setup be required due to another vendor/venue running behind schedule, additional hours will be billed at $75/hr. 
  10. If Client provides any decor items and/or vases it is their responsibility to mark their items in some way so they are not taken back with P3 Events (Petal) or any other vendors rentals. The Clients decor and/or vases are their responsibility throughout the evening. 
  11. P3 Events (Petal) practices the Mother Nature Clause in which we will mutually agree to make appropriate floral substitutions when necessary. 
  12. P3 Events (Petal) is not responsible for any Union Charges. All Union Charges are the responsibility of the Client. 
  13. Once the final payment has been made, no deletions to the event order can be made. If centerpiece/final number of items needs to be changed every effort will be made to exchange the value of flowers into another area of the proposal. 

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