To celebrate an amazing summer of Weddings & Special Events, I wanted to do a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed Mood Board. One of our newest clients is debating between this theme and another. I am obsessed with both but love this design for the current time of year. Typically, this theme is done on a more organic, less structured and rustic side. My client would like to infuse a polished, elegant look in this theme and I am so excited to style this!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorite themes to design. Pairing nature and candlelight together with dark colors and a ethereal undertone always comes together to create something beautiful and bespoke.

For this board, I wanted a non-traditional wedding dress. Something very dramatic but also blending in with the simplicity of nature. This Krikor Jabotian gown does just that! It is STUNNING! The color, the detailing and the cut. I haven’t even gotten to the back and train!!!

The Gown

This train screams Helena but also keeps it elegant and minimal.

This Krikor Jabotian is the epitome of Ethereal Elegance

Here are a few more Ethereal inspired Wedding Gowns

Hayley Paige Fall 2017 Collection
Marchesa Bridal
Vania Romoff








The Bridal Vibe

With such a dramatic dress, minimal makeup and hair is a must. A simple and soft up do will show off the back of the dress and allow for a gorgeous headpiece.



A soft and romantic up do like this would be $100.00 from Lena Costello, Private Hair Stylist in Chicago. You can purchase a similar hair accessory from Pomp and Plumage for $70.00 in Chicago.






I always like to style the Bride first and then style the Bridesmaids to compliment. Flowy and natural is key in keeping the ethereal vibe. I like this look even more with a floral tiara. Their makeup should be dewy and dramatic around the eyes…”nymph” like. Depending on where you are getting married, crystal foot sandals would be a beautiful touch.

The Maids

This makeup look can be achieved by “…using shimmery eye shadow, contouring and blush on the apples of your cheeks…”-Angelo Juliano of Angelo Juliano Salon in Chicago.



The bohemian crystal toe sandals can be purchased from Ebay for $18.00!

To get bridesmaids dresses like the above, our favorite is Amsale! See below for our picks!
Body Hugging Amsale

Flowy Amsale

Structured Top Amsale

I normally dedicate an entire board to the Groom & his men but this board/blog is really more about the overall look. I think dressing the Groom in a Brown suit makes the brides dress pop and is different than the always used Navy Tuxedo. I love the Navy look but feel it’s used WAYYYY to much and wanted to see a more unique look.

The Groom

This look is achievable and affordable…visit Perfect Tux to find similar suits or customize your own look!

The flowers, my favorite part! Something simple and full of greenery with pops of color was what came to mind. I love using candlelight and glass when trying to create a romantic and elegant feel. To give the reception space more dimension, add varying height centerpieces.

The Flowers

This giant bouquet is GORGEOUS! So organic but structured at that the same time. It blends perfectly with the Elegant Midsummer Theme. King Protea’s scream nature, adding  roses gives this bouquet a touch of elegance. This type of bouquet with the flowers featured and for this size could run you $350.00. A medium version of this same bouquet would be closer to $225.00.

Doing something unique for the Groom’s Boutonniere is a must. He should get something special too! Mini Protea’s are just as stunning as the King Protea. Accented with seasonal floral and greenery and wrapped in a specialty linen in line with your wedding colors. This boutonniere and any with proteas would be $30.00.

bridesmaid bouquet

The Groomsmen should do something similar but with a Rose and spray rose combo. You don’t want their boutonnieres to overpower or mimic the Groom’s. Any Father, Grandfather and/or Usher Boutonnieres should be mini assortments of seasonal floral and greenery tied in same fabric as the other boutonnieres. Groomsmen and Auxiliary Boutonnieres should be anywhere from $12.50-$15.00.

A healthy mix of seasonal wildflowers, greenery and a statement flower or three will really make your bridesmaids bouquets pop! Bridesmaids bouquets get expensive quickly, so to cut cuts, eliminate the Protea and opt for garden roses, chrysanthemums and callas to give the bouquets more dimension without breaking the bank.

A bouquet (bridesmaids bouquet), would be $195.00 and if you made into a small bouquet, pricing would be $125.00 Opt for more greenery and the bouquets could go down to around $95.00.


The centerpieces should be simple but induce a “WOW” from all of your guests. Keep the floral arrangements light and go heavy with candlelight and greenery. A little can go a long way. For a more organic look, used vintage everyday items as stands, candle holders and vases. Sprinkle the tables with leaves and floral heads. And again, don’t forget the candlelight!

Centerpieces & Décor

These moss covered books can be created very easily. Purchase moss runners (as many as you need) and wrap the book/s like you are covering a high school text book. Use heavy duty two sided tape to bind on the inside and you have the base of your centerpiece! Visit a vintage bookstore and purchase books in your colors scheme, in different sizes. Lastly, buy a bunch of seasonal floral and create a loose and organic arrangement to lay across the top. Surround these centerpieces with antique gold candle votives.
This centerpiece at P3 Events would cost $50.00


Be sure to frame your dance floor with tall centerpieces. This looks great in pictures. A simple and cost effective centerpiece that never fails to produce a “WOW” is tabletop trees. Grab a few live branches, a glass vase and if you feel like it, a few hanging candle orbs. This design doesn’t need anything fancy to make a statement. Place antique gold candle votives at the base along with some petals in your color scheme.
This centerpiece at P3 Events would cost $90.00




To keep the romantic vibe going, candles can make  a beautiful centerpiece. I would mix in small floral arrangements in antiqued gold julep cups, greenery and clear glass candle votives. Something so simple can be the most stunning and leave your tables with a gorgeous glow. This centerpiece at P3 Events would cost $45.00 and to add small floral arrangements $85.00.


The Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference. I believe with $500.00 or more, you can transform your venue space.

 I think back to a wedding we planned and styled at The Ivy a Room in Chicago. The ivy pattern on the walls for this wedding would be epic. If you are working with closer to $500.00, I suggest up lights around the perimeter of your venue space and behind your head table. Choosing Amber for lighting will give the room an antiques glow.



Depending on the size of your venue and ceiling heights, this look can cost anywhere from $500.00-$2,500.00 with P3 Events.


To get that handcrafted look without the huge costs that come with it, source and create your own Wedding Stationery! Cards and Pockets offers everything you’ll need to get the look you want. It will take a little work but if you are into DIYin it, then it will be a breeze.

The Stationery

I love the design of this invitation. An invitation for a wedding with this theme should have several different textures. It should look organically made but well put together. Gold on Black with crimson accents would make a beautiful Wedding Stationery Suite.

A Wedding Stationery suite like this would cost $1200.00 for 70 invitations, envelopes, RSVP card, detail card and thank you card at P3 Events.


With the décor and lighting over the top, go simple. I love the idea of 3-4 different flavor/designed cakes on antique gold cake stands scattered between a decadent dessert table.

The Cake & Desserts

Get several of your favorite flavor cakes from a baker you enjoy. Show them your color scheme and mood board and they will do the rest. Space out the cakes stands with fun desserts in theme with fall. Use seasonal berries, warm color tones and tons of greenery for this Dessert Table.

A cake serving 30 people would be $125.00 with one of our Creative Partners! A dessert table mix in would be $600.00 and include desserts for 120 guests.

The Details

These Skeleton Leaf wrapped candle votives are everything to me! They keep the theme, while not going overboard on nature. You can create these votives by purchasing skeleton leaves from your local hobby store. You will also need: spray glue and ivory or white tea light candles. Spray the leaves with the glue and place the candle on top. Fold the leaves up and continue to do this until all of the candle is covered.

The green walls are very in right now and I don’t see that trend going anywhere for a while. I think mixing up its usage throughout the evening is a good way to get your money’s worth. 

I’d love to see a green wall decked out with seasonal greenery and floral along the edges and at the base, accented with oversized lanterns (picture and link). In this instance, I would use nearly invisible tack pins to hang the place cards from. Nothing crazy with the actual place cards themselves as they always end up on the floor or in someone’s purse for a year. Parchment style paper with the guests’ name printed in legible cursive and tied with gold ribbon will be just enough!

Once all the place cards have been taken, the green wall becomes a picture wall for the rest of the evening!
A green wall (not including Place Cards) would be $350.00
A green wall (including Place Cards & Floral Arrangements) would be $1000.00.

Flower ice cubes -it’s really the last time this year these would be acceptable.




We cannot wait to do this board and share more pictures with you!

Thanks for reading!

P3 Events
-The P3 Team
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