Whether you are planning your own Bridal Shower or your friends, these parties should reflect the bride. I have scoured Pinterest and other wedding magazines to find the ultimate Bridal Shower staples and how to do them the best way possible.





To start…

1. Invitations!

Setting up the mood for your guests is a great way to build anticipation and display the theme of the Bridal Shower. Here are some of my favorites









2. Welcome!

How your guests are greeted sets the tone for the day. Make it something sweet and simple. My favorite idea is a custom sign in theme with your event and a pre-poured custom cocktail displayed or passed.

3. Bites & Sips

A creative menu and kitschy cocktail selection is always the right touch for a bridal shower. Depending on your venue, you may have the choice to bring in your own food. If so, take advantage of personalizing the food choices, decorating the table and keeping it in theme with the shower.

Freeze roses in ice cubes and fill a bucket with them, add some rose and you have a gorgeous way to display all the champagne!

Make a mimosa station (or drink of the brides choice). Add different fruits and other garnishes for the drinks, fun straws and dress up the table with balloons, petals, and cute/color signage!

Do a different dessert display than the typical cupcake tower…kick it up a notch and make a MACAROON tower! In theme with the shower of course! If you contact Nancy at Bittersweet Pastry in Lakeview, she will even create a custom flavor for you!

You don’t need a lot of food for a shower. Put a mini charcuterie spread on each table and have your guests create their own mini plates throughout the afternoon.

3. Because there should always be cake!

You just feel more special when you get to cut a cake…so give that bride to be a cake! I am loving the mini, sleek cakes right now. Showers are huge events, so you cake should be something small, that compliments your dessert table. Enough to feed 30 or so people.









4. Games & Giggles!

Keeping your guests entertained is a must. There should be something to do throughout the entire Shower but scheduled group activities at planned out times. Here are some of my newest favorites.

Bingo at a Bridal Shower is a staple that I don’t hate at all. There are always fun ways to mix it up, personalize it and make it last longer (for those guests who win in 5 turns). Make the pieces in theme with the shower and to add an extra twist. Place a diamond sticker on one or two the boards, at the end of the game…whoever has the boards, wins a prize.

What’s in Your Purse? Is currently my new favorite Bridal Shower game! It’s invasive but funny and not something anyone is use to playing yet.

Guess the Dress allows your guests to get their creative juices flowing. You can have mini pencils in votive cups on the tables or provide crayons, to really make it fun!


5. To Mingle…

To keep your guests moving around and mingling, more long term games and activities are always fun. This gets guests chatting to other guests they wouldn’t chat with otherwise.

Find the guest is so much fun! Give the cards out as guests arrive with a pencil attached. They can mingle with all of the other guests throughout the shower and at the end, the person with the most correct, wins a prize of course.

Date night ideas. Let your guests give you and your Husband or Wife to Be a few ideas on dates!



Just because you are married, doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous! Have your guests list of fun things for the B&G to do throughout their marriage!

6. The Loot

Every winner deserves a prize! Gifting your guests should be just as fun as everything else at your Bridal Shower. Make your prizes different for different games and keep them creative! It should be something everyone wants to win…display them throughout the afternoon, so your guests know what they could win.


Give away fun prizes that have themes (these do not have to match the shower). A movie night at home, complete with candies, soda and a DVD.

For the tea lover, a complete set of seasonal teas, cookies and jam!

My personal favorite, a spa night in with champagne, chocolates, facial masks, polish and lotions!




7. The Sparkle & Shine!

Dressing up the bridal shower venue should be fun and in theme. Balloon décor is a thing now and I love it! Incorporating an over the top balloon arch- mixed with flowers, would be a unique and fresh touch to any shower.









Oversized balloons celebrating the bride can never be wrong!

Soft floral arrangements would be a beautiful addition to any guest table. Keep them in theme and not too big (as most guest tables for showers are filled with other goodies).

Balloons are everything right now! There are so many different kinds available and so much can be done with them. Not too mention, they are cheap cheap cheap! Adding hints of flowers and greenery to them really brings a “balloon arch” to a different level!

Keeping it simple? Spray different jars, vases and wine glass bottles gold or in color with your theme and fill with the bride’s favorite flowers!

8. Photo Ops & Selfies

Because SELFIES are most definitely not dead! Give your guests a place to take pictures with you and other guests!









Find a fancy (or the fanciest) dining chair and sprinkle around it with petals and flower heads. Have the bride sit and gather around!

Picture frames are still here and I don’t see them going anywhere. Make yours unique, add live floral to the corners, string them to the ceiling and let them serve as décor too. Get festive props…customize them to match the theme.

Make a photo area from balloon art…again, a thing now. Something cute where your guests can take a ton of posed photos throughout the afternoon.

9. Guest Book


My favorite Guestbook ideas are simple and sweet. Have your guests leave “love notes” of advice for the Bride & Groom. Place them in a geometric orb or something else in theme with the shower. Get a few sparkly pens, floral heads and candle votives to dress up the space.

Get one of those new polaroid cameras and make a picture Guestbook. Have guests snap pictures of each other and ask them to write a note under their picture.





10. Because you love them

Every host knows that their guests shouldn’t leave empty handed! Make sure your gift is either edible, usable and in theme with your event. There is nothing worse than getting a gift you truly cant use.



Scented soaps or bath bombs are always a thoughtful and useable gift! Take them out of their wrapping and detail with a fresh floral and ribbon accent.

Gift your gals with nail polish treats as they leave in theme with your color scheme!

Wine. That’s all. Just give them wine.




Thanks for reading!

The P3 Team
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