Congratulations on your engagement! We would like to thank you for considering P3 Events for your upcoming wedding! Please review how ordering your wedding floral online. A sample of our Floral Agreement can be found here.

How do you book P3 Petal? 
You can either book directly through our website via PayPal or email or call us directly with your order and pay with cash, check, credit card or Chase Quickpay.  If you are paying via check or cash, you must call 312.318.3225 to have a custom invoice created. 

Can I get all of my wedding flowers from P3 Petal?
Yes you can! And we hope you do! If you are doing a custom floral order, please call us at 312.318.3225 or email Subject: Floral Design. We will create a custom invoice for you and skip the online store completely! 

What is payment like?
P3 Events requires a 25% deposit at checkout. In order for that to take effect, you must remember to type in the coupon code: deposit. This will take 75% off your total and you will receive an invoice with your remaining balance during your 1st Consultation. A detailed payment schedule with reminders will be included in your Floral Agreement.

Can I customize my bouquet or centerpieces after booking?
Yes! You can customize anything. The images on the site are there to give an idea of quality and size. After date confirmation, you will be asked to schedule a meeting with a designer and talk colors, floral type, size and all things flowers! 

What happens next? 
After we have confirmed your date and had your 1st Consultation, you will be asked to make a second payment of 25%. Your final payment is due 30 days before your wedding or special event. 

What if I need to make changes after our 1st Consultation?
You most likely will! That is not a problem. Please feel free to make any changes up to 30 days before your wedding or special event.

What if my wedding or event is cancelled? Can I get a refund?
Your initial 25% deposit is considered nonrefundable after you have made your second payment. Our Cancellation Policy is listed in our sample Floral Agreement. 


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